Why would you want to run in the morning while everyone else is sleeping? Well, one of the deciding factors on starting running is deciding when you’re going to do it.  One excuse for not running is ‘I don’t have time’ as a reason for not lacing up those trainers.  But what about planning to run when you would’ve been sleeping?  There’s something to be said for the benefits of running and getting the miles in before the rest of the world wakes up. 

Here we look at six benefits to achieving that run in first thing in the morning.

1. Improved productivity

There’s nothing like the smugness you feel when you’ve completed a run or workout before your loved ones have even set foot out of bed. Your early morning run will have stimulated you both physically and mentally.  You would’ve likely gone through your mental to-do list and will now have more ‘get up and go’ to get it done.

Starting your day with a ‘runners high’ must surely be the best way to get going!

2. Metabolism gets a jump-start

When you start running before breakfast, your morning jog will boost your metabolism, which in turn, will help you continue burning calories through the day.

When you eat food, your body will either consume it as a source of energy or store it as fat. When looking to be fitter and leaner, it’s the former we want to happen. 

After your early morning run, you will be ready for a tasty breakfast… and so will your body!

If you need to eat before your run, check out these healthy snacks before and after running.

3. Ideal weather conditions

Quite often (especially in the summer months) you’ll find perfect weather conditions for running first thing in the morning. Getting out before the heat rises too high is a good idea during the hotter months.

4. Improved Mental Health

Many people run for improved mental health as it can have such a positive impact. View your morning run as an investment in both your physical and mental health. Running in the morning can be peaceful as there aren’t so many people and cars around. It allows you to take in the beautiful sights of nature.  Enjoy that feeling of achievement and self-worth you feel by starting your day with exercise.

5. Improved Sleep

ou might want to consider running if you struggle with falling asleep.  Studies show that those that a workout in the morning spend more time in deep sleep than those doing afternoon or evening workouts. Here are some great tips on how to achieve tip-top sleep

6. Staying Consistent

So many things can get in the way of an afternoon and evening workout.  How often have you got home from a tough day at work and put off your workout?  Or other commitments/interruptions get in the way? There should be nothing to get in your way from a morning run, which then frees up your evenings for other things.

Cartoon of Effort level of running in the morning
Yes, it might be hard, but you’ve smashed the day before it’s really begun!

So, we’ve talked about the benefits of running in the morning. Are you ready to set that alarm a little earlier and give it a try? Let us know how you get on in the comments below.