We’re excited to present our unique online coaching platform and running community.

During the grim times of Covid-19 and lockdown, a lot of things changed. Many people were unable to do their usual sporting pastimes such as the gym, play football, swimming; the list goes on! Some needed a new challenge, and others simply needed some ‘time out’ to exercise. Whatever the reason, the increase in those taking up running in the past few months has been tremendous.

However, as with anything new, you need to know what you’re doing, and while putting your trainers on and going for a run may seem a simple concept – you soon come to realise that there is a little more to running than you think!  

For starters, you start to think about the best trainers to wear, then how to record your route and even what to eat before (and after) your run.  There are many things you’ll want to know within the first few runs, but where do you find this information? Then, when you find some points of reference, you’re then bombarded with people that have been running for an age! With their sub-7-minute miles and 40 miles per week average! It can feel completely overwhelming and quite intimidating!

That’s where ’Start Running – Stay Running’, and ‘The Inside Track’ comes in!

With the vast increase of new runners during this unremarkable year, we recognised the volume of information that was coming from many different sources.  Not only that, but a lot of what you find is talking to the masses; runners of all abilities.  There’s so much jargon too!  From Fartlek to Bonks (yes really!) it can be a minefield of information that can be a real turn off!

We wanted to create a place for easy-to-digest and relatable content for those that are at the start of their journey or for those that would simply like to be part of a friendly online running community that simplifies all the information within the many aspects of running!

We also wanted to recognise that there are many reasons why someone chooses to run.  Many look to running for weight loss; some look for improved mental health, or maybe it’s finding a new challenge or simply finding some ‘me’ time.  Whatever the reason, we wanted to be sure to have you covered by inviting some experts to work with us.

It starts with the Facebook Group

Our Start Running – Stay Running Facebook Group is somewhere to find motivation, inspiration and celebration for your runs.  We share tips from our coaches and support each other in our running journeys.

Get ‘The Inside Track’ – Your Own Online Run Coach and team of specialists

We then have an exclusive membership called ‘The Inside Track. As well as having full access to an online run coach, our community has full access to coaches in Strength & Conditioning, Stretch & Mobility, Sports Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Pilates & Yoga for Fitness, Women’s Health Physiotherapy and Mindset. That’s a whole lot of support, but we wanted to be sure that you’re covered on every aspect of your running. You will also be a member of The Inside Track VIP Facebook Group – offering even more support from our experts as well as the chance to motivate each other and really feel part of something special.

The Inside Track will provide full programmes and workouts from our coaches and a supportive private community to boot! We are excited to be bringing you everything you need to help you in your running journey – whether you’re just starting, returning to running or want to stay running. Our mission is to get you #A2BInjuryfree!

Still not sure whether running is your thing? Finding excuses not to dig out those trainers and start? Let us help you dispel those excuses not to run and turn them into reasons why you would want to run! Check out ‘How to Make Running a Habit’

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