Keeping motivated to run, is probably the hardest part of running. Remaining consistent is key to improving your running ability, but staying motivated to keep going is hard work! It becomes all too easy to make excuses not to go, and before you know it, you’ve missed a couple of weeks and getting back into it feels all the harder!

We got some tips here to help you get up and go – before your inner self talks you out of it!

Get Your Kit Out

It’s a good idea to set your running kit out the night before. Not only will it save you time in the morning, but it also sets out your intention to run and gives you less time to change your mind! If you have to think about where your running kit is, you will soon let that inner voice take over and decide it’s not worth the hassle! With your kit out and ready, you can put it on before those thoughts have time to take over.

If you think running first thing in the morning is a crazy idea, check out our reasons why we think Running in the Morning is an ideal time to run.

Enrol Cheerleaders

Telling your family and friends that you have started running and ask that they support you in your journey. Tell them what your goal is and display it on the noticeboard or fridge for everyone to see! You could go one further and tell the world via social media! Set up an Instagram account and log your journey. You’ll be surprised how many will follow you and encourage you along the way. We share lots of posts on Instagram to keep you motivated to run. Let us know your Instagram handle in the comments and we’ll come and cheer you on!

You will also find lots of cheerleaders within online running communities… such as ours on Facebook!

Work for Rewards

Another good way to keep you motivated to run is to set yourself something to look forward to when you achieve a milestone. Perhaps a spa day, or treat yourself to that new top you’ve been eyeing up. You might even want to buy new running gear as a reward! Sounds crazy – but it happens!

Make your goals realistic to achieve so that you can enjoy your reward in good time! Get your cheerleaders involved… maybe even get them to treat you! When you’ve completed one goal and enjoyed the reward, set another to keep you fired up!

Need the motivation to run? Use whatever it takes!!

Plan Ahead

The weather can be unpredictable. From heavy rain to humid heat, and that’s just in the summer! Make sure you have a waterproof jacket to hand or plan to do runs early or later in the day when it is cooler. For the winter, be sure to have layers that you can add to depending on the temperature. There’s nothing worse than cold ears, hands and head, so make sure you have these covered!

If you’re prepared for anything, you won’t be able to make any excuses!

Listen to Your Body

Your body will not perform at its best when it’s tired. You don’t need to go full throttle on every run – it’s perfectly ok to slow the pace and enjoy the view! Be sure to include rest days so that those muscle fibres can repair and get stronger. One key to keeping consistent is to slow your pace, reduce your distance or have a rest day.

Put a Positive Spin on it!

We can easily feel disheartened when a run has been hard work. We all have those runs. Instead of beating yourself up, congratulate yourself on getting out – every run is a step towards your goal. Associate joy with your exercise, focusing on the positive feeling you will have when you’re finished!

Often a bad run is soon followed by an amazing run… look forward to getting that back again.

Record Your Runs

Making a note of when, where, how long and the conditions of your run will help you to see how you’re progressing and spur you on. You can use apps such as Mapometer to record your distance if you don’t have GPS watch or use Strava to record your runs and follow friends.

Challenge Yourself – Enter a Race

Nothing keeps you motivated to run more than signing up for a race – especially if it’s a little out of your comfort zone! Tell your family and friends your plans, they will then help keep you accountable. Better still, choose a charity to run for and grab a few sponsors. Just having a few people relying on you will drive you to do those runs that you would ordinarily put off!

Or go virtual!

If attending a race isn’t your thing, then you could enter a virtual challenge. These have become increasingly popular in the past few years and we have devised our very own virtual challenges to keep you motivated to move across the entire year. Sign up for our challenge that will keep you doing 8,000 steps a day – or 300 miles from Winter to Spring – however you like (but not by car!).

If you want some help with a running plan for your race or virtual challenge, then you would certainly benefit from ‘The Inside Track’. This is our coach-led running membership with everything you need to hit your running goals. Take a look and see for yourself.

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Join A Community

Running on your own can be bliss, but it can also be hard work, especially if family and friends don’t understand your obsession with running and really couldn’t care about your 5k PB! Being part of a community will help to keep you motivated to run and also accountable. From local running clubs to Facebook groups, there is something out there for everyone!

We look forward to seeing you soon in our community!