When we launched our virtual challenges called Seasoned Runner, it gave us cause to look at what we actually meant by the term ‘seasoned runner’.  It would seem it means different things to different people.

So what makes a seasoned runner?  When do you have to do to earn that title?  Does it come after running so many miles, or running for many years? Does it come from running races, or achieving a particular pace?

Anyone can be a Seasoned Runner!

That’s what we call ‘seasoned’! ?

While seasoned to some might mean experienced or veteran – it can also mean ‘weathered’. Anyone that consistently runs in all seasons is most definitely a ‘seasoned runner’.  Wet days, cold nights, humid evenings, frosty mornings – to us, you’re certainly a seasoned runner! 

It’s not about how long you have been running – you could’ve been running for 10 years, but if you’re running inconsistently, does that even count?  There are so many elements to running – speed, distance, elevation – all of which are as impressive as each other. 

When we think of the term ‘seasoned’, we think of adding flavour to our favourite meals. A dish without seasoning can be pretty plain! The same goes for running. Doing the same thing can get dull. Being seasoned is a mix of experiences rather than doing just one thing.

How do you become consistent in your running?

Planning ahead is a great idea and stick to it no matter what.  At the start of the month, plan the number of miles you want to cover and break them down into the runs you want to do each week. Plan where you are going to run as well as how far. 

Keeping up that motivation to run can be a tough one. Take a look at How to Keep Motivated to Run, to help switch up that mojo!

The idea behind our virtual challenges and a series of medals is to help keep you motivated to run consistently.  By setting yourself a goal, you can focus on the joy of earning that medal each month and use it as an anchor to get you out there. You’d be surprised at how much running for a medal can help with that motivation to move!

Benefits of consistent running

When you run consistently, you are much less likely to suffer from injuries, physical fatigue and poor performance. Following a plan of consistent running will be instrumental in increasing both your speed and your mileage. You will also see a vast improvement in your physical fitness. Your body will become accustomed to your regular workouts, and as a result, you will benefit in your everyday life.

Back to Square One

Running with no plan is easy to dismiss, especially when the weather isn’t playing ball. However, putting off your runs over time can easily undo your hard work, which can put you back at square one. This hap-hazard way of running rarely leads to better performance and is more likely to end in injury as you try and play catch up with the mileage you missed.

How can our virtual challenges help?

The aim of our new Seasoned Runner virtual challenges is to help you keep consistent with your running and general exercise. The goal is to keep consistent with your exercise and reward yourself for your efforts. 

Inside and Out!

Want the comfort of a treadmill?  That’s fine – you’re still keeping your steps up and your running alive. Keep track of your achievements – they all add up to that monthly goal. Sharing your runs with a supportive community (like ours) will keep you motivated.

Share the celebration with Strava

Strava is free for everyone and you can meet lots of like-minded runners on the platform. We like it so much, that we have a Start Running Stay Running Strava group for the members of our free Facebook Community. We have weekly boards for distance, speed, longest run and elevation so there is something for everyone.


Want to know more about our Seasonal Virtual Challenges? It’s all about moving for medals… and we’re not messing around with these medals! Click here to find out more about ? Seasoned Runner

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