Have you found that as the winter draws in, you’ve been making excuses not to run or work out? The arrival of Christmas gets in the way and before you know it, you’ve missed a good week or three of running! This leaves us with feelings of guilt, disappointment and despair of how and when you will fit in the time to get your fitness back on track. Then there’s the dread of how hard it will be when you do finally start running again.

We’ve got some tips to help keep your running tick over during Christmas and into the New Year!

Set small, achievable goals

It’s perfectly ok to claw back your running over the Christmas period, and not to set yourself any massive hills to climb (or run!).  When you set unachievable goals, you set yourself up for disappointment which leads to the ‘F*CK It’ mentality. Then, it all goes out the window, and you find solace in a mince pie (or 3) and the mulled wine! 

Better to plan out some more comfortable, shorter runs for the week to ensure you’re at least getting out.  You may even find that once you are out, you’re feeling great and keep going.  How often as that happened to you in the past.  If you’re not setting that in stone, anything above what you’ve planned is a bonus.  And if you still want that mince pie and wine, at least you’ve put in the work first!

Meet a friend

Going for a run or a walk is an excellent excuse for meeting up with a friend and having a catch-up.  Good for the body as well as the mind.  You can hold each other accountable for getting out at the same time as helping your mental health as well as your physical health.

Do something else

If you really don’t fancy the prospect of going out and running in the cold, then do something different in the comfort of the indoors.  There are plenty of workouts available on YouTube, and there will likely be a plethora of new downloads come January. You could always change things up and go for a swim!  Anything that helps to keep your cardio and strength up, it’s all good.

Join a Challenge

Working towards a challenge is an excellent way of keeping that motivation going.  Signing up for a virtual challenge throughout the month or the winter will help you to plan out your miles and stick to them. 

Seasoned Runner Virtual Run Challenges
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That’s why we came up with Seasoned Runner Virtual Challenges!

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Keep an eye on your diet

The sudden arrival of festive food is so hard to resist. Snacking on Christmas treats is all part of the season and is fine – but everything in moderation.  Don’t forget to fuel your body with nutrient-rich food so that you can still go out and smash that run or workout. Running on a poorly fuelled body will just make you feel rubbish and not keen to repeat the process!

Even during the festive season, make sure your diet includes;

  • Complex carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and grains for that slow-release energy
  • Protein sourced from meat, soya and pulses to help repair and build muscles
  • A range of nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables.

Just cause it’s there, you don’t have to eat it!

We often think that we have to ‘see off’ all the chocolate or cake in the house until we restart our fitness routine. Most stuff will keep at least through until the end of January, and for the stuff that won’t, it doesn’t make any difference if it’s in your belly or in the bin.  If it’s not truly desired, then what’s the point.

Ask for new kit!

There is nothing for motivating than having new running kit for Christmas! Whether it’s new trainers, leggings or top, you will want to go and try it out and show it off! Have you seen our new Flanci leggings yet?! They’ll definitely make you want to get out!!

Sloth too tired to walk
Don’t let this be you!

For more motivation and celebration for your runs…

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