More Than Just A 5K running app!


Every week there will be a course modules with one of our coaches to educate you in your running journey, with a weekly catch up to go over what you have learnt.


Strength training is often forgotten when it comes to running. A run-focussed strength plan is included in your programme to help you get stronger and keep injuries at bay.


Coached to 5K will have a separate Facebook group so that participants have a safe space to discuss their running and connect with likeminded runners, all progressing towards their first 5K.


Mindset is always important, but especially so at the start of any new journey.  Uncertainty, lack of confidence and anxiety are usually a lot higher when we start something new.  Our mindset coach will be working with you to turn those limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. You will soon discover that so much of running comes from mental power as well as physical.


Guest Speakers, extra classes, product discounts and giveaways for our Coached to 5K Members!


Nothing is left to guesswork or scouring the internet or answers. You will be educated in all things running, motivated by our coaches and community and celebrated with a beautiful 5K medal on your graduation run! 



If you’re starting to run for the first time, or even thinking about getting started, then let us coach you to 5K.  No walk/run apps, no guesswork.  Our team of coaches will work with you to educate, motivate and celebrate you to completing your first 5K!


Have you ever wanted to start a running plan but don’t know where to begin? What to wear, what to eat or how far or fast to go?

Perhaps you started off well, but hit a wall halfway through when the running ramped up?

Maybe it’s something you have always wanted to do, but just don’t have the confidence?

Either way, you have come to the perfect place to finally succeed in achieving a 5K your way!

Over 8 weeks, you will be coached alongside a group of like-minded runners, all on the same journey as you.  With motivation from each other and education and accountability from your run coach, it’s the perfect recipe to take you to the 5K finish line! We will also be working on your mindset during the course – exploring any limiting beliefs, lack of confidence and anxiety around running.  Running is as much of a mindset thing as it is a physical activity.

Our weekly group calls with run coach Emmie and our other coaches will go over the fundamentals of running and ensure all your questions are answered.  There is literally, no guesswork here. Over the 8-week course, you will have access to The Inside Track VIP membership which is full of advice on nutrition, mindset, pelvic health, weekly Pilates sessions, and lots of tips from our sports therapists. Not to mention a full strength and stretch programme to compliment your 5K plan!

You will be invited to a private Facebook group to keep in touch and motivate each other. You will also able to view the live chats here too.

At the end of the programme, and on the graduation of your 5k, you will receive a gorgeous medal to celebrate your achievement – because why shouldn’t you get bling for crushing your 5K?!

The course programme will cover 8 weeks of weekly calls to accompany you on your 5k plan.  Then you will have 4 BONUS WEEKS, in The Inside Track, should you need an extra week or two to complete your 5k victory run.  We appreciate that life can get in the way and things don’t always go to plan and we won’t leave you stranded until your 5K is done!

We are excited to be educating and supporting you to achieving a 5K… your way!  


No following an app
No feeling deflated when the runs ramp-up
No doing it alone
No giving up halfway through the programme.


? You’ll join a supported group of like-minded runners with the same goal
? Weekly calls with our team of coaches educating you in running form, strength training, nutrition, mindset and more!
? Access to our VIP membership ‘The Inside Track’ to get your hands on even more content and education
? An amazing 5K medal to celebrate your awesome achievement on your graduation run!