Coached to 5k

Get to 5k Your way!

Welcome to our running coaching programme where we’ll get you from 0 – 5k in just 8 weeks!

bespoke training

Forget a one size fits all app approach – we’re different to couch to 5k because we tailor the course to fit you. Every runner is different after all, so our coaches will support you and answer your unique questions every week to guide you on your personalised journey.

professional support

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will be coached and educated in all things running by our team of professional coaches. Nothing is left to guesswork or scouring the internet for answers with our programme.

strength & conditioning

Strength training is often forgotten when it comes to running – we include a run-focussed strength plan to help you get stronger and keep injuries at bay. We also include balance coordination, and both of these things are needed to gain the strength and endurance to get to 5k.

mindset coach

We will work on your mindset during the course – exploring any limiting beliefs, lack of confidence and anxiety around running. You will soon discover that so much of running comes from mental power as well as physical.

exclusive community

You’ll join our private Coached to 5K community Facebook group where you can connect with likeminded runners all progressing towards their first 5K, and gain access to our LIVE Weekly Yoga & Pilates sessions.

extra benefits

We like to give a little more than our course modules and amazing coaches – sometimes we even have guest speakers too! Plus, our Coached to 5K members can benefit from extra classes, product discounts and fun giveaways.


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Join us and go from 0-5k in just 8 weeks!

How it works

Have you ever wanted to start a running plan but don’t know where to begin? What to wear, what to eat or how far or fast to go? If you’re starting to run for the first time, or even thinking about getting started, then let us coach you to 5K. If you’ve previously started off well and hit a wall, or feel like you the lack the confidence to get started, you have come to the perfect place to finally succeed in achieving a 5K your way!

The structure

The course programme will cover 8 weeks of small group, weekly coached calls to accompany you on your 5k plan. Every week a different coach will host a Zoom call to talk about their specialist subject, in order to provide a weekly catch up to go over what you’ve learnt from the course modules provided. They will help to educate you in your running journey, going over the fundamentals of running and making sure all your questions are answered.

The mindset

Our mindset coach will run one of the live weekly calls, and deliver a mindset/hypnosis audio each week to our participants. Uncertainty, lack of confidence and anxiety are usually a lot higher when we start something new, so our coach will work with you on self-belief, gaining confidence and getting over limited beliefs. After all, mindset is such a big part of the success of the programme.

The tools

As Coached to 5K participants you’ll have access to our online membership platform, where we share the details of the strength and conditioning programme and all of the coaches weekly modules. These tools will guide you in subjects like nutrition, strength training, sports therapy, mindset and much more - you will be supported, celebrated and motivated to complete that 5K!

The motivation

In our Facebook group, fellow runners will share their runs, we’ll post recordings of our live weekly calls so you can rewatch them anytime, you’ll get inspiring posts from our team and you can share your own posts for motivation from the community too. Plus, our weekly calls mean you can check in and get your motivation ready for the next week.

The team

During the 8-week programme our team of 6 professional coaches will hold your hand (metaphorically speaking!) and get you to achieve your 5K goal. They will each run a week’s worth of modules on their specialist subject, ending in a Zoom call (held on a Sunday) to answer any questions and give you the support you need. Our team of coaches will work with you to educate, motivate and celebrate you to completing your first 5K!

The goal

The aim of our running programme is to get you up to running 5k. Everything is tailored towards that goal, and we know you can reach it with us! Our unique strength and mindset modules give you the additional support that you need to reach your target. And once you’ve smashed it, you can celebrate with a beautiful 5K medal on your graduation run! After all, why shouldn’t you get bling for crushing your 5k?!

meet our coaches



Co-Founder, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Coaches, Emmy Kay


Head Running Coach



Co-Founder, Client Care & Social Media Master



Head Mindset Coach

Soft Tissue Therapist & Running Geek!


Mobility & Injury Prevention


Yoga & Pilates Instructor

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questions & answers

Our programme begins on 31st January 2022. From there, we will continue on our running journey together for 8 weeks, finishing our last session on 28th March.

All you need for our 5k programme is a pair of running shoes and a computer or phone with the internet! Suitable running clothing is a bonus of course, plus maybe a water bottle to keep yourself refreshed. As we’ll be conducting our weekly Zoom calls online, you’ll just need a laptop, computer, tablet or phone to join these sessions. 

Over the course of the 8 week programme, we will be taking part in ??hr Zoom calls every week. In terms of running time, ???

We’ve made it easy for you to sign up and pay for the programme online, just click the join the programme button below! From there, we’ll send over an email with all of the details so that you have everything you need in preparation for when we get started.

The 8 week programme costs £147 in total. The includes 8 weeks of coaching from 6 specialised running experts to make sure you get to 5k! 

You don’t need any prior running or exercise training to join our programme, we’ll be starting completely from scratch! So whether you’ve never run before, you used to run but stopped, or you currently run but would like to progress to 5k, this program would be great for you!