Meet Charlie

Hi, I’m Charlie,

I am a co-founder of Start Running – Stay Running and also one half of C&S Fitness, based in Bridgwater, Somerset. I’m looking forward to working with members on their strength and mobility to better their running and their recovery.

My passion for fitness started when I played hockey at a young age. As a teenager, my running focused a lot on sprints and short quick distances, never any long-distance runs. That changed in 2010 when I signed up for a 10K which I ran for my gran when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Before this, I’d never really run more than 20 mins without stopping. My training consisted of getting the miles in, and I didn’t add in any extra training.

I had just started training as a fitness instructor, and like many females, not really lifted any weights before. However, the more knowledge I gained through my training, the more I saw the benefit of strength and conditioning and also the best recovery from exercising. Implementing these into my routine helped me with pace, recovery and mindset. I was able to move up to half marathons, triathlons, multi-terrain runs and more 10Ks.

During my ten years as a personal trainer, I’ve been keen to delve deeper into strength, conditioning and the mobility needed to stay strong and injury-free for running. I’m looking forward to sharing this knowledge with our members in helping them meet their running goals and get #A2BInjuryfree.