Meet Emmie

Hi, I’m Emmaline (Emmie), and I have a passion for running! I am a qualified run coach and run leader, endurance runner and Mum!

Never being a keen PE student, and running certainly wasn’t top of my priorities in my early adulthood. However, I did put on an old pair of trainers one day, took to the streets and just kept going until it hurt. Not the ideal way to start running but something changed for me that day. I suddenly realised that I didn’t need to excel in PE to be a runner; I just had to want to try, which is precisely what I believe in now. If you don’t try, you will never know what you are capable of!

Fast forward a decade or so, two kids later, and I am still running! The best decision I ever made was to go out that day all those years back.

Now I am looking forward to helping you on YOUR running journey, whether just starting out, returning after injury/break or an experienced runner looking for tips.