Meet Linda

Hi, I’m Linda, and I’m co-founder and Head of Social Media Marketing and Client Care. ‘Start Running – Stay Running’ is my baby – the concept of helping new runners came to me while out on a run during the nationwide lockdown. I’d re-started running (for the third or fourth time) following treatment for a bad hip and thought that even after years of running, I still wasn’t well versed in how to avoid injury and strengthen my body to allow me to keep running.

I had been a member of C&S Fitness for around 12 months and was going to approach Charlie and Simon about doing some glute specific workouts – but as I thought about it more, I wondered if many people were feeling the same as I was.  So, I went to Simon, who also has a background in sales and marketing and discussed the premise of ‘Start Running – Stay Running’… and we’ve not looked back!

With my background in Social Media Marketing and Copywriting, I am excited to be working alongside Simon, Charlie and our team of coaches to bring ‘Start Running – Stay Running’ and ‘The Inside Track’ to life!