Michelle lives in Somerset with her husband , 3 children and variety of pets! She has always worked in mental health in some shape or form since the age of 19 and throughout the last 25 years her roles have been from Shift Leader in Residential homes to helping set up Music therapy to running therapeutic art sessions for people with mental health issues.

She spent some time out having her children, 1 through IVF and 2 through adoption and creating Fairy fantasy paintings, selling , demonstrating and teaching art throughout the southwest.

When her children were all at school Michelle qualified as a Master Reiki Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and along with her experience in Mental Health and her ongoing learning in NLP, CBT, Guided Meditation and Mindfulness now runs a very successful business working from home primarily focusing on helping people deal with Anxiety and Stress as well as many other issues such as Depression, Weight Loss, Addictions and Physical Health complaints. Michelle mainly sees clients on a 1-1 basis but does occasionally hold group guided and mindfulness meditations and enjoys teaching methods and sharing tips on how to create calm when all around is chaos!

Due to the current climate Michelle has successfully moved her business on line delivering wellness sessions to a variety of platforms and supporting different groups and businesses as well as running her own successful online community and membership group. Find out out more about Michelle’s business The Wonders of Wellness.

Michelle’s role with Start Running Stay Running as their Mindset Coach is to give people the tools & strategies so they can smash through their barriers and release any limiting beliefs and anxieties. Michelle works closely with our Coached to 5K runners who are starting their journey to help them set off in a positive mindset.