Coached to 5K. Starting 21st March 2022

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Coached to 5K is our 8-week programme where we hold your hand (metaphorically speaking) and get you to achieve your 5K goal. No listening to an app and experiencing scary jumps up in running time. No guessing how to breathe, how to keep injury-free and how to get stronger in your running.
Our weekly coached calls will help you every step of the way. With your own 5K plan, our run coach to guide you, along with our team of coaches in nutrition, strength training, sports therapy, mindset and much more - you will be supported, celebrated and motivated to complete that 5K!

And to finish off with a bang, you will receive a stunning 5K medal at the end to celebrate! There really is nothing like doing this as a group and going on this journey with like minded people.

The next cohort starts on 21st March. Places are limited.

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